Five things from….Uruguay 1 Costa Rica 3

Game two of Super Saturday and we’ve just had time for some Bacon steaks cooked in maple syrup before we are back on the sofa for a mouth-watering desert of Uruguay v Costa Rica.  So far we have seen the positive side from every team, bar Cameroon with the South Americans having a 100% record – I can’t see that changing for this game.  The media will be fawning over Luis Suarez even though he wasn’t in the starting XI, but this for me would be all about Edinson Cavani.  Him and some beers.  After a dry afternoon I had hoped to be tucking into some Costa Rican and Uruguayan beers.  However, it seems that every off-licence in South London only seems to stock Stella, Foster, Carling and a range of a dozen Polish beers so this would be another bore-draw.

photo (1)1. Different coloured boots – Coloured boots are bad enough but a different coloured boot for each foot? Seriously??? Rodriguez, Stuani and Godin hang your heads in shame. Clough would be turning in his grave at such disrespect for the beautiful game. And don’t get me started on that get up Muslera had on!!! Why not go the whole hog and wear one of those spandex body suits that people think are so funny to wear at the cricket until they need a wee.

2. Uruguayan hair – Come on chaps, what other social situation would you wear an Alice band? Forlan and Cavani – you both earn more in a week than some people earn in a decade – invest in a haircut once in a while. Even Paris has barber shops. And Caeres? Do you seriously have your hair in a bun like a British Airways air hostess???

3. The pitch – As soon as Uruguay kicked off on the brand new turf, Diego Forlan scuffed up the centre circle. In both penalties areas it looked as if a murder of crows had been let loose on some stale chips. Looks like the groundsmen have gone on strike. And what’s with the dull stripes pattern? Surely with technology these days they could have cut the World Cup logo into the pitch?

4. The hands of Diego part 2 – what’s with Lugano and throwing his hands in the air. Yes, there was a little push as he defended at one end, and yes there was some pushing and shuvving in the area at the other end for the penalty, but did the former West Brom player need to act like Tom Daly?  Uruguay were like petulant children for the final hour of the game and there was some inspired words at half-time in the Costa Rica dressing room to lift them.  Uruguay were beaten by their own mentality.

5. The Shock of the Tournament – NO, NO, NO!  When the third Costa Rican goal rolled into the net, the ITV Commentator proudly exclaimed this was the “shock of the tournament so far”.  Of course he had conveniently forgotten the drubbing of the World Champions just 24 hours ago…perhaps because it was on BBC.  I’m not going to have a pop at the ITV coverage yet but I will…


Beer World Cup

Unfortunately another A-A….two unclassified results can only mean one thing…a double roll over for the 11pm kick off.  A Fuller’s selection pack at the ready to take on a four pack of Birra Moretti.  Bring. It. ON

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