Five things from….Mexico 1 Cameroon 0

PeraltaDay two of the World Cup and after our view of events last night we were forced to watch this one at our desks, which of course meant NO BEER….so the score in the Beer World Cup was a washout.

 1. Bloody Brazilian weather – I can just see the Qatar delegation preparing their Powerpoint presentations now to mitigate all of the criticism of their bid by just putting photos of the rain in Brazil on every page.  Their new strap line for the tournament will be “But at least it doesn’t rain in Brazil”.  Straws…clutching at..

2. Coloured boots – Sorry but now is the time to BAN these.  How come players have to wear “undershorts” the same colour as kit, sock tape has to be same colour as the kit and then you can wear any bloody colour boots you want.  Any political party that stands for bringing back traditional black boots gets mine and Ben Anderson’s vote.

3. Oi! Linesman – Wrong, just wrong.  Already we are talking about the poor decisions of the referee rather than the ladies in the crowd…Two first half goals and a blatant penalty were scrubbed out for the Mexicans.  Surely the best officials in the world should be chosen to referee the biggest and best tournament in the world?  Why should a chap from Bahrain or Taihiti be judged to be better than someone from La Liga or The Premier League who referee regularly in the Champions League?  The issue here is the nomination system is based on quotas and not on how good they are.

4. Parking the Cameroon Bus – 6-3-1 in your first game against potentially the other weakest team in the group?  Biggest stage in the world and there is no ambition to try and win the game based on those tactics.  Yet they still argue about bonuses?  For what?

5. Spurs have really bought some rubbish in the past – Is there any team that doesn’t have a player that “Spurs fans may remember…OR NOT!”.  It either shows they have a great scouting network but rubbish coaches or vice-versa.  Or neither.  I’d imagine most were bought by ‘Appy ‘Arry anyway.

Beer World Cup

Desperados A Guinness Export Strength A

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