Good old Sussex by the Sea

Danny Last may have put away the computer keyboard from European Football Weekends but that doesn’t mean he has also filed the old Polaroid in the bin too.  Yesterday he was part of the Sussex Army who descended on Anfield for the FA Cup 5th Round tie.  We all know the score but his outstanding pictures tell a different story.

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More pictures from the day can be found here.

Swansea come away from Anfield with a point and pride

Abi Davies was at Anfield on Saturday.  To say that she was elated by the result is an understatement.

Swansea City went into Saturday’s game at Anfield as mighty underdogs as a win for Liverpool would have seen them leapfrog Chelsea and Spurs into the top four, whilst victory for Swansea would have been their first 3 points away from home in the Premier League.

Brendan Rodgers made just one change to the side that claimed an annihilating victory over Bolton last weekend as Wayne Routledge made his 5th start of the campaign, replacing Scott Sinclair who had to settle for a place among the substitutes.

Despite many pundits and fans drawing on previous results between the two teams, I felt they were completely irrelevant given the fact that the sides last meeting came over 20 years ago. Continue reading

My first game – Ross Neumann

Liverpool 2 v 1 Aston Villa
League Division One
1 September 1990 3:00pm
Attendance: 38,061

As a youth I was thoroughly indoctrinated in the ways of football at an early age. From Subbuteo (age four) to my first appearance for Linthurst First School (age seven and a debut brace) it was always there. However until the the age of seven my Saturdays were spent shopping in numerous horrible provincial towns with my Mum (I remember Manchester being particularly grim) whilst my Dad swanned off to watch a game of his choosing.

On this momentous day I remember the conversation in our Nissan as my parents discussed if I was ready to attend my first game. In these pre-Premiership days the main focus seemed to centre on whether I was likely to get maimed by Scousers and/or Brummies but eventually my Dad won out I was off to my first game. I think part of this was down to football’s increasing mainstream appeal after Italia 90 where it became socially acceptable for middle class people to watch football instead of whatever they had done before on a Saturday afternoon (no me neither).

The game itself I remember very little about. Beardsley scored early on before David Platt equalised for Villa with a semi bicycle kick. The game was decided by a late John Barnes top corner effort which sadly I have been unable to find on Youtube.

So for the next month and a half I have to admit to being a Liverpool fan. This would all change at Meadow Lane when a certain Steve Bull struck to equalise for Wolves and not for the first time in this First Game feature secure a young man’s loyalty to the Gold and Black. Mr Bull you have a lot to answer for.

Ross Neumann

You should be ashamed of yourselves

Spineless, gutless, embarrassing, unprofessional.  Four words I could use to describe the appalling performance by West Ham against Liverpool at Anfield last night.  As a life long supporter of the club and a current season ticket holder I watched us capitulate from the first whistle to the worst Liverpool team in decades.

Obviously in the away dressing room

Lets put this in perspective.  We are in a relegation dog fight.  We potentially, if we won all of our games before last night, would have got 43 points which in most seasons would see us safe.  Now that number is 40 points.  This season has been the poorest Premier League season EVER.  Look at home many games Chelsea, Man Utd and Arsenal have lost – unheard of in most seasons.

Look at the bottom and see how many points each team has.  West Ham deserve to be relegated.  Simple as that.  They are poor – no in fact – they are crap.  Zero entertainment value, badly run, poorly managed and stuffed full of players with over inflated egos.  Liverpool are suffering their worst season in Premier League.  They were without their best player – a player who has single handily won them I would say a third of their points, yet we were as effective as a powder puff. Continue reading