Good old Sussex by the Sea

Danny Last may have put away the computer keyboard from European Football Weekends but that doesn’t mean he has also filed the old Polaroid in the bin too.  Yesterday he was part of the Sussex Army who descended on Anfield for the FA Cup 5th Round tie.  We all know the score but his outstanding pictures tell a different story.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More pictures from the day can be found here.


  1. Top snappery that man. You have a keen eye, nose for what fills a frame and tells a story. A much appreciated record of the every day of football away. Good lad. Will viewa gain.

  2. Tee hee. Fair play Dan for getting the 9-0 in there. To which all I can say is “OG OG OG, oi oi oi!”.
    Nice pics.
    I’ll buy the first pint when we finally meet at Lewes (that’s the Dripping Pan, not Lewes Station before the Brighton v Palace game next station………)

  3. Well done to Brighton in matching your neighbours and betters, in scoring 4 goals to Liverpool’s 3.

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