You should be ashamed of yourselves

Spineless, gutless, embarrassing, unprofessional.  Four words I could use to describe the appalling performance by West Ham against Liverpool at Anfield last night.  As a life long supporter of the club and a current season ticket holder I watched us capitulate from the first whistle to the worst Liverpool team in decades.

Obviously in the away dressing room

Lets put this in perspective.  We are in a relegation dog fight.  We potentially, if we won all of our games before last night, would have got 43 points which in most seasons would see us safe.  Now that number is 40 points.  This season has been the poorest Premier League season EVER.  Look at home many games Chelsea, Man Utd and Arsenal have lost – unheard of in most seasons.

Look at the bottom and see how many points each team has.  West Ham deserve to be relegated.  Simple as that.  They are poor – no in fact – they are crap.  Zero entertainment value, badly run, poorly managed and stuffed full of players with over inflated egos.  Liverpool are suffering their worst season in Premier League.  They were without their best player – a player who has single handily won them I would say a third of their points, yet we were as effective as a powder puff.

Spector, Kovac, Beherami, Da Costa, McCarthy, Stanislas, Upson – you should all hold your heads in shame that you are given obscene amounts of money for walking around Anfield like it was a museum.  Kovac – bugger off back to whatever Eastern bloc country you came from – the only contribution you made last night was to injury Spector with one of your poor tackles.  Faubert – one good cross a season does not earn you a place in the team.  What on earth possessed Real Madrid to sign you on loan last year is beyond every reasonable persons thinking.

Zola – time to go mate.  You are so out of your depth and continuous “we had a bad day” excuses being trotted out at the press conference do not make things all right.  Apparently according to the little Italian last night we “started well and were comfortable on the pitch” – you mean we didn’t concede for 20 minutes then sat on our butts?  It was a farce – simple as and if you had any balls you would say so and publically rip into the team just like you should have after the Bolton and Wolves games recently.

“The first goal was a killer.  I felt we were on top of the game” Er Zola – at this stage Liverpool had already had 5 shots on goal to our none.  Hardly a killer when the defence fail to mark an attacker at a set piece is it?

“The second was a distraction, that was the killer” Hang on, wasn’t the first a killer?  And a distraction you say?  So I was right – the players were busy looking at the scenery instead of playing a game.

In the second half we tried to give it a go and press them hard but they scored from a dead ball” Again, what game were you watching?  The simple stats sum it up:-

Attempts on goal 8 v 2
Attempts off target 9 v 4
Corners 9 v 2
Possession 65% v 35%

We were rubbish.  Sullivan and Gold – what exactly have you done for the team?  We have seen your attempts to bring a brand of “jolly cokneyism” to the club, but all you have succeeded in doing is dooming us for relegation.

I hope we go down.  We deserve to be down there simply because for 75% of games this season we have shown absolutely no fight at all.  90% of the players deserve to be sacked – surely they have to perform their duties to an acceptable standard as all of us real workers do and if we don’t we can be sacked – so why not them?  Overpaid pre-madonnas.  You are not fit to wear the shirt, buy the West Ham toaster or even eat the toast.

You are not fit to wear this

A season out of the Premier League will give the club a jolt.  We will hear scare stories about “Administration”, “fire sales”, “financial meltdown” but perhaps we will get rid of the malaise at the club that the supporters love.  And I hope the players are big enough (which of course they are not) to dig into their pocket and refund the fans the hard earned travel expenses for last night.  Of course they wont but that is because footballers live on a different planet.  A planet that yesterday apparently had never heard of a volcanic ash cloud and led to one player in the squad throwing his toys out of the pram when boarding the coach and not a plane and wanting to know why.

On Saturday I saw a relegation threatened team battle for their life and batter the opposition, showing how much they wanted to stay up.  Last night I saw a bunch of players who could not give a toss.  You are simply not fit to wear the shirt.


  1. I was there last night but left after half time.
    Couldn’t see us scoring.
    How long does Zola have to keep picking Spector? Another shocking display form him but he wasn’t just the only one.
    Upson is a complete waste of space and how he’s in the England squad I’ll never know.
    The post is spot on and I think they should relegate 4 sides instead of 3 because all 4 have been so crap this year.
    I can’t see myself paying £51 for a ticket for the Man City game only to be let down again by another poor display.
    But having said all that I’ll still end up going to games next year even though we will still be shit.

  2. what hacks me off more than anything is the lack of fight in the team………..arent they embarrassed to be seen as that rubbish? also, look at the players deemed surplus to requirements and sold – zamora, collins, konchesky, bowyer. west ham is the most amateurish, tin-pot club in the country. ive hardly been this season, for the first time in decades – ive had enough of it, id sooner watch my 4 yr old son play football than these twats.
    PS upson and cole are donkeys FACT

  3. What is frightening, and is summed up beautifully, is the complete disconnect between real world workers performance and that of footballers’ performance. More frightening still is this quote which just about sums it up:

    “Of course they wont but that is because footballers live on a different planet. A planet that yesterday apparently had never heard of a volcanic ash cloud and led to one player in the squad throwing his toys out of the pram when boarding the coach and not a plane and wanting to know why.”

    For me that is the most damning part of this piece: if a player can be so brain dead as to have not heard of the recent, hardly insignificant, volcano over Europe, how on earth can the same player empathize with real paying fans? Which player was it? Buffoon.

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