Great Scott – The best British football awaydays

Over the past week or so the BBC’s survey into the cost of football has been dissected to death.  We have questioned the validity of the survey, especially when looking at the costs of some of the ticket prices submitted by the clubs in question, especially in the Premier League category.  Earlier this week, the chaps at Scotts Menswear revealed the results of their survey, taken from questions posed to their customers and football pundits alike.  The results, which can be seen in all of their glory here, have certainly thrown up a few surprises.

Best Overall Match day Experience – Wembley Stadium (2nd – Man Utd, 3rd – Tottenham Hotspur)
8728975011_2d1a4f0641_bComing from the Non-Leagues I shouldn’t really agree with this one but there is no doubt that every fan wants to see their team play at Wembley.  Whilst the fans of Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd plus smaller clubs like Arsenal (joke) moan about the cost and the travel arrangements, try telling a fan of Tunbridge Wells or Gosport Borough, both of whom have played at the World’s most famous stadium in the past two seasons that it was over rated.  I can only assume that lots of West Ham fans voted to make Spurs the third best away day after last seasons two wins out of two there!

Best Pie – Wigan Athletic (2nd – Kilmarnock 3rd – Kidderminster)
I was disappointed to see that Brighton & Hove Albion only came in 4th in this one with their locally made pies which every home game feature a special “guest” pie.  At the game last week we tucked into the delicious Sausage and Cheesy Beans pie..outstanding.  So what is on offer at Wigan must be really special.  Poole’s Pies is the name on everyone’s lips in Lancashire it appears.

Best Pint  – Derby County (2nd – Newcastle 3rd – Brighton)
Pull on your best Fred Perry clobber and head to the game early for a beer or two.  But let’s park the Stella and Fosters for one minute and try something different.  No arguments in this category for the winner as the pubs on offer around Derby offer some top class ales.  Newcastle has the advantage of a city centre location and so around 200 match day choices whilst Brighton has the superb local beers from Harveys and Dark Star on sale in the Amex Stadium.



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