888poker’s Football Festival

Sweaty palms, rapid heartbeat and a desire to polish your TV screen? Hmm, that sounds like a serious case of football fever. But don’t worry – if you can’t make Brazil there are plenty of places to get up close to the action, and you don’t have to spend 12 hours on an aeroplane.

Some of the top venues include the ‘fan parks’ which are being created in cities across the UK, and Manchester is stepping things up with a free festival of football at the old home of Coronation Street – Granada Studios. They have even shipped in 450 tonnes of sand to create a Brazilian-style soccer stadium along with a 40sqm screen which will show all the live action. If you are in the south, think about heading to the Big Screen in Brighton to watch the action at their beachfront cinema.

In Leeds they are setting up a massive screen in the Millennium Square and festival goers at the Isle of Wight can see most of the matches on big screens in the BT Sport Field of Dreams. Wherever you go there is one remedy which can help with a bad case of Brazilian football fever – 888poker are having a party where they are giving away $400,000 – and you are invited.

Until July 7th all new players get to take part in $10,000 Football Carnival Tournaments, and the good news is that it is free – you don’t even have to make a deposit. You don’t even need to have the football skills of Rooney to get through to the finals. Any player finishing in the top 500 in any of website’s special football-themed tournaments will gain free entry to one of their $15,000 semi-final games taking place on July 8th and 10th. Do well at the semi-finals and win yourself a place in the Cup Final game, where you battle for the chance to win $20,000.

Players who log on to uk.888poker.com are definitely on to a winner as there are even more chances to score. For those who want to boost their chances of winning just log on to this promotion, make a deposit and then pocket the free tickets. Wherever you are watching football’s showpiece event this summer you can also access the website easily through your mobile device. You can play in all Freerolls from the warm up stage on your iPhone, iPad and Android powered devices.

And of course new players are still eligible to get $88 FREE when registering for an 888poker account. 888poker has been the home of online poker since 1997 and they have more than 10 million registered users – it is a name you can trust and they won Best Gaming Product 2012 & Best Poker Operator of the Year 3 years in a row. Their football festival games are already going down a storm with their regular users – check out this Youtube video below to find out more.

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