England Fans to go tee-total in the Summer

While Roy Hodgson recently announced the 23-man squad that will be on the plane to Brazil for this summer’s World Cup hoping to upset the World Cup odds, a large number of England fans will have been planning their trip to South America for the upcoming tournament for months. With the England squad preparing to set off for their luxury base in Rio de Janeiro, the majority of travelling supporters will be lucky to find a spare hammock in a 20-man dormitory for around the same price as a nice weekend in Paris.

In the run-up to this summer’s tournament, much has been made about the costs of accommodation throughout Brazil, in particular hotels in the major cities – especially in Sao Paulo and Rio, where accommodation prices have seen a dramatic increase ahead of this summer. Brazilian cities were already pricey places to visit on holiday – with Sao Paulo ranked the 19th most expensive city in the world.

Perhaps more worrying for England fans than the accommodation prices will be the cost of having a beer. England fans have learned over the years that watching their team is significantly helped by having a beer or two but that might change when they see the prices.

4716279599_e60c9e30d2_bOne survey suggested a pint of beer could cost as much as £21 in some parts of the country during the tournament. Even those looking to save some money by enjoying a Caipirinha – Brazil’s national cocktail – have been warned they could be forced to shell out around £10 in some bars.

As with every country, however, travelling fans will be able to find bars where prices are more agreeable if they aren’t afraid to head off the beaten track. Tourists won’t need to wander into some of Brazil’s rougher areas to find a place where they can have a cheap drink, with some local bars charging as little as £1 for a beer and £1.50 for a Caipirinha.

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