On the fifth day of TBIR Christmas – The best football tat

We didn’t think we could find better items than last year’s winners which included the Nodding Sullivan & Gold and of course, the Lille toaster that played a song when the toast was ready.  I have to say this year has been a challenge as many clubs don’t particularly like you taking pictures of their precious items.  I also blame Kenny Legg for not getting out and about more as he has the eye for these things.  But we do have three clear winners this year, simply for the ingenious way someone in marketing has managed to slap a club badge on something and call it official.  Follow the respective links if you want to buy one for someone special in your life.

3rd Place – Borussia Dortmund light switches (€24.95)
New Picture (32)
“A practical light switch for any Borussia Dortmund fan” – A simple explanation for such a simple product.  Why haven’t more clubs done this?  I mean when the Current Mrs Fuller wanted the front room redecorating, she insisted on new switches and sent me off to B & Q to get some swish chrome ones at £7.95 each.  Instead we could have had these BVB embossed ones at three times the price….I would be very disappointed if the floodlight switches in the stadium do not have these!

2nd Place – West Ham United Cluedo (£29.99)
New Picture (31)I’m not sure if someone is being ironic with this, but to release Cluedo and have the main strapline as “Who stole the silverware, where have they hidden it?” I assume refers to our 2000 Intertoto Cup success.  Having seen that trophy, which rivals the Ashes Urn in terms of size I think it would be impossible to find in CMF’s handbag let alone the whole of Upton Park.  These are “limited edition” so make sure you get in quick.

1st Place – Bayern Munich wheel nuts (€9.95)
New Picture (33)
If truth be told we could have picked lots of things from the Bayern shop, but these beauties caught our eye at the shop at Munich airport.  What respecting Bayern fan wouldn’t want to improve the image, and value of his Mercedes or BMW with these wheel nuts?  What better way to show your allegiance when you are cruising down the Autobahn at 150 miles per hour, waving as you pass Eintract Frankfurt fans who can only display their branded wing mirror covers?  Hats off to Germany for once again getting one over on us Englishmen.

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