Welcome to Non League Notes (part 2)

At the end of last season, the legend that is James Boyes, programme/website editor and official photographer for Lewes FC, decided to hang up his pen for good.  As a club who relies on the good will, time and energy of volunteers, finding someone who has these quantities was always going to be difficult.  Faced with no one willing to take on the task I somehow took an action at a board meeting back in May to “co-ordinate a match day programme that would be the talk of the town”.  Thanks for that!

tumblr_ltqhek7fOR1r1m8fjBut over the past few months, along with my co-editor Barry Collins who knows a thing or two about editing magazines, ideas have become reality.  We want to try and create something a bit different, mixing the traditional with the new, Spot the Ball alongside Instagram match photos, team guides with reproductions of 1970’s adverts for Brut.  We’ve managed to pull together some excellent contributors and now look forward to the season with a spring in our step.

One of our ingenius ideas was to tie up with my northern colleague up at Jarrow Roofing FC, Andy Hudson.  Our idea was to swap content, both of us writing articles that were relevant to Non League clubs, whether they be in the North East or the South Coast.  The idea mushroomed.  Andy spoke to other clubs in his league and they wanted in too. I spread the word as well and before we knew it we had over a dozen clubs wanting to also take part, sharing content with each other.

Two years ago I had the idea of Non League Notes.  A simple portal where I would upload my work that programme editors up and down the country could use free of charge as and when they wanted.  Within 6 months there had been over 500 downloads.  The new concept takes the original Non League Notes a step further.  This time we want contributions as well.

The concept is still the same – free content for any club that wants to use it.  All we ask in return is to credit the original author with his name and twitter address, and that where possible you try and upload an article yourself.  As simple as that.

We have created a new twitter address – NonLeagueNotes specifically for the project.  Every week once the season starts we will tweet out a link to the latest article.  We will also make all articles available on a shared dropbox folder.  If you wish to upload an article then you can simply DM us via Twitter and we will give you access.



  1. What a fabulous idea. I’ve just taken on the duties of editing a Ryman league club programme. I also have the desire to create something that fans actually want to read, rather than the same old potted club history, repeated year on year, regurgitated news and Academy / Vets results and stats. I most certainly will be contributing what I can to this! Great stuff.

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