Footballing widows get their own back

If your other half is something of a footballing widow between September and May and then again every other summer (so that’s pretty much all the time then!) why not let her have a peak at Jackpotjoy’s Footballers’ Widows instant win game and it might calm her down a bit?

The game involves the “widow” throwing all her husband’s most treasured football stuff out of the house successfully while he tries to catch it. If she throws it out successfully, she wins. If “you” manage to catch it – she doesn’t!

This might sound a bit too close to home for comfort for many of us. And to make matters worse, every time she manages to smash something up, Jackpotjoy will double her stake. In fact, she can end up winning up to 64 times her initial stake (of anywhere between 20p and £100) if she keeps guessing right as Jackpotjoy doubles it each time.

The footballing widow has to choose to choose to shoot either left or the right. If she keeps choosing correctly, she keeps on doubling up, though she can to choose to collect her winnings at any stage and get back to bugging you as you concentrate on the real game of course.

Jackpotjoy Bingo always seems to manage to hit the nail on the head when it comes to catching the public’s imagination in a tongue in cheek way. The best yet has to be the mobility scooter race at the Santa Pod race circuit with two pensioners going head to head just for the “Jackpotjoy of it” with Barbara – “Babs” – Windsor, the queen of bingo waving the chequered flag. Of course, in these times of equality, it’s the female that takes the chequered flag but, to be fair, it’s a very close run race!

The great thing about the site is that you can play for free if you just want to play for the fun of doing so. Since the site launched its free online slot machine games last year, over eight million people have played them via Facebook.

Quite whether the footballing widows instant win game will placate our fairer companions remains to be seen. But anything is worth a try!

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