The highs and lows of being a football fan in the summer

Being a football fan in the off season can be a whole mixture of things – nerve-racking, stressful, enjoyable, relaxing or just plain boring.  Thomas Rooney explains why its not just the weather that makes the summer depressing.

This summer has not been too bad with Euro 2012 on our screens, however it is still a month until the Premier League gets underway.

Often, when your team has had a good season on the pitch, the summer is not the most enjoyable time as players and managers are constantly being linked with moves away from the club and it can prove to be more stressful than when the season was in full flow.

The transfer window probably does get a bit too much coverage with every single possible story being blown out of proportion, however it is exciting to see who looks to be going where.

There is of course the manager-merry-go-round as well, plenty of managers leave their post or get given the boot at the end of the season and it is always fascinating to see who goes where and then weigh up what they can do in their new job.

The great thing is that every single football fan can go into the new campaign hopeful that the business their beloved club has done in the closed season is enough for them to achieve their respective ambitions.

All is forgotten if your team has had a shocking season from May-August can be the most enjoyable moments of your year (unless you support England as well).

The day the fixtures come out is one every football fan across the country looks forward to, picking out which games you must go to and seeing if your side can get off to a flyer.

The last five or so matches are ones that are always carefully studied, with supporters thinking – is that where we can win the title? Will we avoid the drop their? How many points do we need by then? This is where those interested in football betting odds  really start to assess team’s chances.

Many fans are now itching for the action to get underway but there is still plenty of action still to happen between now and then

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