Where to find the best freebets

Freebets are fantastic ways to beat the online bookmakers as when you win on them you get to keep all your winnings as real money. They say that money doesn’t grow on trees, but with freebets it can feel that it does. Naturally online bookmakers have not had a change of personality, and they are no different from their non-online cousins down the betting shop; they still would much prefer to take your money rather than hand money out as a free gift, but that is the price of competition! Once the first online bookmaker decided that it was a good idea to promote freebets in order to gain market share, it was fairly inevitable that every other bookmaker would jump on the band wagon shortly afterwards. Sites such as www.freebets.com allow visitors to compare the top UK bookmakers before they place a bet online.

Of course this is great news for the punter, but with just about every online bookmaker offering freebets, and with so many online bookmakers around, each one of them hoping to convince you that their particular flavour of freebet is better than anything else on offer, life can become confusing.

All freebets are not the same, and it pays to be selective, but unfortunately there is never enough time to survey then all in order to find the best. Also the various freebet promotions are not fixed but are constantly changing in response to the state of the market and competition. However, there are some people who have set up freebets comparison websites and these are the best way to sort out the good ones from the not quite as good. These websites provide a very valuable resource and are a very quick way to locate the best freebet offers that are available now.

Freebet comparison websites are not charities; they make money from directing their visitors to the various bookmakers, but they are fair and you can generally trust their reviews.

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