On the tenth day of Christmas….. The best random pictures of the year

“On the tenth day of Christmas my true love sent to me, a set of photos that I wonder what they are supposed to be”

We love a good photo here at TBIR.  After all, a picture paints a thousand words apparently.  At an average match we will take around 100 pictures, which we then reduce down to a set of about 20 which we store here.  But for every top award winning, Time Magazine cover quality picture, there are those that just leave you wondering what on earth the game is all about.  This award is for those pictures and subjects therein.

3rd place – The world’s most exclusive VIP area
Danish 2nd division is not known for its trappings of luxury but those fine chaps at Ballerup Sports Klub know how to treat the likes of Beyoncé, the Beckhams and President Obama when they decided to pay a flying visit to the suburbs of Copenhagen.  After all who needs fine wine, caviar, luxury leather seats and top drawer hostesses when you can have a roped off bit of concrete next to the pitch and a couple of bar tables with wonky legs.

2nd – When times are hard
With fit players at a premium you have to look at all options within the club.  So when Tooting and Mitcham United hit an injury streak in the run up to kick off last season before the game against Harrow Borough they recruited the only spare man they could – the mascot. I am sure that the FA will have had something to say about the white tiger legs cycling shorts.

1st – Make your option caption up here
Being invited to take pictures at the new American Express Community Stadium was one of my high points of the year.  Being given an access all areas pass meant I took hundreds of pictures.  Apart from the ones of Gullies Girls, the best of the bunch had to be this one.  I waited for nearly 2 minutes for Harry to get into the right pose but it is worth it.  The guilty look, the hands being “restrained” behind his back, the intense look from the policeman.  This is simply a caption writers dream….

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