Help…we need somebody, not just anybody

Many years ago I came up with an idea.  As usual it was whilst I was in a strange place.  On this occasion I was sitting in a police station in San Marino.  You may wonder what misadventures I had been up to, but it was a simple case of trying to avoid torrential rain on my walk to see San Marino v Latvia.  I had no idea where the stadium was, how to get a ticket or where to stay that night.  “Hmm, wouldn’t it be great if there was a website where I could have found out all this information before I walked out into the biggest storm in the history of Serravalle without a coat”…Bingo!

A year later I launched Budget Airline Football, a “one stop shop” where you could find out all of those essential details for the strangest places in Europe before you went.  Over the next few years more and more destinations were added, most completed with first hand details and pictures.

But then all of our good intentions went by the wayside as The Ball is Round was developed.  I admit it – it was a bridge too far to maintain.  But it still gets great traffic, queries galore and the vast majority of the information is still good today.  But wouldn’t it be great if it was bang up to date?  And that is where my cry for help comes in.

Danny and I have been having a chat, and we have come up with a cunning idea to relaunch it in 2012 as, taking the best of his site in terms of people’s stories from their overseas trips, with simple information we all want to know, but do not know where to look for the information.

So why do we want help? Well, talented as we are, Danny and I know there are some fantastic other talents out there who may want to help out.  So we are looking for people to own a “page” or a country.  Updating the information we already have, making the site all shiny and new and hopefully being able to attract the attention of some advertisers.

So who fancies a go? Who is an expert out there on Belarussian football?  Who knows their Cracovia from their Wisla?


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