Quality Bronze

We do not do this job for the recognition, but for our love of the game.  But it is nice when you get some praise, especially when it comes from one of the most respected journals in the game.

When Saturday Comes has been at the forefront of football writing for the past decade and their annual awards are something of a honour even to get a nomination, let alone a prize.  Ian Plenderleith explained the rationale behind the winners:-

The 2010 Web Awards focused on what may be considered classic fanzine virtues – independence, originality, wit and selfless involvement in a game that seems intent on distancing itself from a fanbase whose cash it wants and needs, but which in many corners still stubbornly refuses to sink into the passive role of slavish devotee.

Our by-no-means comprehensive selection of sites, some of them consistent enough to be held over from last year’s awards, reflects the necessity of a watchful ethical eye, the redemption of satire and an increasing awareness of the need to analyse the game’s business side. The web may be clogged with bothersome ads, unhinged anger and celebrities masquerading as columnists, but there’s resistance too. Support your team, but support too the many voices of sanity who still care that teetering crises contrast daily with high-spend lunacy.

Last year, Danny Last’s European Football Weekends won a well deserved bronze medal, and Danny’s site has gone on this year to receive more nominations for awards, as well as winning the best Blog of the year in the inaugural NOPA Awards, so it can be quite a springboard to success.

So imagine our surprise, amazement and humility when we discovered we had won a “Quality Bronze” this year.  Their comments were:-

“The Ball Is Round is one of the better sites documenting travels to places like Lincoln Moorlands Railway FC, SV Spakenburg or Sliema Wanderers, aided by some decent photography. There’s relief from the road with musings on great Subbuteo memorabilia, or the worst places in Europe to host football, which gratifyingly include Paris and Barcelona. Sample quote, from a visit to Minsk: “Six hours before the match, having only been in the city for a few hours we were so bored that we ended up back in the hotel, drinking something called Splotz, watching snooker on TV with German commentary.”

Shucks….All I can say is to anyone who voted, thanks a million!  To read what illustrious company we kept this year, click here to view all the winners.

4 thoughts on “Quality Bronze

  1. More than thoroughly deserved; yours is a great port of call for fascinating road trips and irreverent articles. It’s like the breathing in Swiss alpine air!

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