Our Euro’s so far….

So a week into the European Championship, and time to review my progress. Due to the timings of the games I have seen few of the 5pm kick off second halves but I have still over indulged in the fun and high jinx around major tournaments.

I foolishly agreed to get involved in a number of prediction games, Fantasy Football Leagues, writing for the Daily Mirror and of course the usual Sports betting.

I also took part in an interesting debate over Skype, hosted by the fantastic Mina Rzouki who failed to understand why the general football-watching public felt that Zlatan was so over rated.

So lets look at our school report:-

Absolute Radio – Ian Wright’s Rock n Roll Football Bloggers Prediction League
One correct score out of seven isn’t bad I suppose on this one, although I have got five out of seven results right, better than Mr Wright I believe.

The Masters ultimate Fantasy Football League
Expertly organised by Gav Stone of LesRosbifs fame, I started off badly, got better when Shevkenko scored his brace and have gone downhill since.  Turning down £40m for Evra from Lions Roar has been my high point, with paying £38m for a Russian donkey my lowpoint…..

Picklive Football writers Fantasy Football
I’m certainly at the wrong end of the table for this one, below the likes of Barry Glendenning and Danny Last for christ sake!  My inability to work out how to change my team has left me with a Greek centre-back which I am not happy about.

Work Fantasty Football League
Now this one has Freddie Ljunburg in!  He doesn’t work with us, of course, although he did f’all when he signed for West Ham so he could well have been a Domain Name professional.  I was up to 3rd at one point in this league!  That was based on alphabetical order before the tournament started.  It is, of course a fix, and I am currently languishing in 10th place.

Ah yes, betting.  I am officially crap.  Last night I went for 9 or less corners in the Spain v Ireland game.  There was 10.  I went for less than 2.5 goals in the defensively cautious Danish v Portugal game – there were 5.  See – crap.  Officially crap.

I am even struggling on completing my Euro2012 Panini album.  I’ve given up on this tournament.  Roll on France 2016.

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