More managers than the rest of the Premier League…almost

Crazy but expected decision from Chelsea – Thomas Rooney

For those of you that have read my contributions on here before, you will know that I am a Norwich City fan. Whether this qualifies me for a valid opinion on the goings on at Chelsea I’m not sure because after Carlo Ancelotti’s sacking, they are quite clearly in a different world.

Those placing free bets  note how the Italian was given his marching orders yesterday after the final game of the Premier League season and to me this seems like a crazy decision. I have written many times over the last few months that Chelsea just need a few tweaks and they will be the team to beat once more.

How can Ancelotti go from a double winner last season to a man not worthy of his job a year later? What has changed in that time?

Well, Chelsea went without a trophy this campaign. This is disappointing of course, but it is one season. Surely it would have been better putting it down as a transition season with some new players coming in (Fernando Torres, David Luiz, Ramires) and next year can be the one where they go again.

The fact is that Chelsea finished 2nd. They had a disappointing campaign, had a poor run of form, had players not quite hitting the heights they are capable of and finished 2nd. Not exactly crisis time is it?

Perhaps the new trend is to sack a manager as soon as he has a season without a trophy. Imagine if Manchester United had that policy back in Sir Alex Ferguson’s early days?

Of course the game has changed a great deal since then, but the notion of consistency, loyalty and stability still stands. Ancelotti was given £50m to spend on Torres in January, surely you give him a summer to get the best out of him?

It’s the same with Luiz and Ramires. They were signed by Ancelotti and would love to progress under the Italian. A couple more signings, a summer of refreshment, possibly the exit of a squad player or two and the former AC Milan coach could have led the team into a new era.

Instead, it’s a case of starting again. Who is to say that the new manager will want to keep Torres? Who is to say they will get on with Luiz? He will presumably bring in his own backroom staff too and make a number of new signings.

It’s back to the drawing board at Stamford Bridge and unnecessarily so in my opinion. Is this the general opinion? What do Chelsea fan’s think? Would you be placing a free bet on them winning the league this year?

I appreciate that I have asked a lot of questions in this piece, but the whole situation has baffled me and if everybody had the Chelsea policy when it came to managers, football would be in a very dangerous place.

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