On the eleventh day of Christmas…the best tweeters

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love said to me, I’m bloody knackered with these awards – make me a cup of tea.

As Vanessa Williams once said, we’ve been saving the best for last. Well sort of. It is only fitting that for a set of awards that have been communicated by the latest fad of Tweeting, the last one is for our favourite tweeters in 2010.And by our favourite we mean the ones that keep us amused in the football sense, and not just VizTopTips.  Some people have really embraced Twitter as a two way communication methodology, realising that Social Media is both a revolution and an evolution as to how we search and receive the news we want when we want it (can you tell I have swallowed the socialnomics text book?).

Thousands tweet about football every day but only a fraction see it as a two way dialogue. Rio Ferdinand has hundreds of thousands of followers but he simply cannot interact with them.  He uses it as a vehicle to push people to his outside of football ventures and good luck to him. Many clubs have a twitter account but fail to realise the potential of an opted in, listening audience. But our three winners are in here for their ability to keep people interested in our beautiful game as well as the banter they offer back. Ladies and Gentlemen our top tweeters of the year are:-

Garry NelsonEx-Charlton Athletic, Brighton & Hove Albion and Plymouth Argyle striker turned best selling author with his books on the game Left Foot Forward and Left Foot In The Grave has become an avid Tweeter, giving his opinions on the game, on his ex teams and generally wading into any issue that affects us all, such as who to vote for in the X-Factor final and when to go Christmas shopping.  One attribute that Garry also has is that he is more than happy to answer questions and comments, realising that Twitter is a two way method of communication.

“Oh yeah – & being told I had a wii fitness age of 60!!! damn those runs 3 times a week are so bad for your health!!”

“That’ll teach yer big Sam – win 4 in 7 to impress new owners & they show their appreciation by giving you the old heave-ho! Madness in PL”

“Survived Lakeside & even bought myself pair of adidas world cups – proper boots!! Will they be my last playing pair??? Everton 0-0 crap!!”

Andy Hall Andy is the Kit Man at Carlisle United.  Nothing special there right?  Wrong, as he is also the media manager for the club and tweets about everything to do with the club.  This is no sanitized scrubbed offering either.  He tells it as it is.  And Minute by Minute coverage of games?  Well, what better way to come from someone actually sitting on the bench, to reflect what the management team really think as to what is going on.  Again, like Nelson he realises that Twitter is a two way communication channel and gets involved in debates about the game at large.

“Highlights of the year – the build up to Wembers, the trip to Goodison Park, all of the games against Leeds, interviewing David Tennant ..”

“Last time I was this cold I was at Workington commentating on a Cumberland Cup game. Me: “Apparently the wind is coming from Siberia …”

“well, that was massively disappointing”

Kevin Davies – Bolton Wanderer’s legendary centre back is relatively new to Twitter but since joining in the Summer has shown a different side to his character.  Whilst he started with some tweets about difficulties using the toaster, he excelled himself after finding out he had been omitted from Fabio Capello’s last squad with a single line comment – “Time for a beer”.  Not afraid to answer direct questions to him he has provided an insight into a footballer’s real life.  Unlike other “official” players tweets it is obvious these are genuinely his.

“I like to discuss normal everyday issues on here, never with the opinion of slamming someone/organisations.”

“Disappointing result, sloppy goal but thought we had enough chances to equalise late on, did not think it was a particularly dirty game??”

“Have I just bought cheap baubles or do none of them come with string on to hang them, so annoying and tedious putting string on them all!”

It would be rude to just leave it here though.  One “tweeter” has got so much to learn, so much on send and not receive and completely complacent of what their role is.  So I give you the worse Tweeter of 2010 – SouthEastern Trains. During the snow that hit us in mid December their tweets were legendary, telling us that “Adverse weather is causing problems”, and sending out random links to timetables that couldn’t be viewed or were completely wrong.  No two way conversations here either – 3,245 Followers yet they follow no one.  One day they will send their Tweeter on a course to learn how to interact with their customers via Social Media.

One thought on “On the eleventh day of Christmas…the best tweeters

  1. Ha, knew you’d fit South Eastern in there somewhere ;)
    Jose Enrique was a short-lived Twitter success story but he hasn’t been seen since revealing by tweet that he’d failed a fitness test on the morning of the Spurs game.

    Savage has to be the worst.

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