On the ninth day of Christmas….the best away day

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love sent to me, an away trip that fills you with glee.

Football awaydays are what it’s all about.  The planning, the anticipation and then the day itself, full of promise and excitement.  There is nothing we love more at TBIR and EFW than an away day to somewhere new, obviously punctuated with a few beers and a general chat with some new fans.  It doesn’t really matter what the game is or where we are, Beer Football is a universal language, understood by millions of people across the globe.  As you would imagine we went on quite a few of these last year so we had to apply some criteria to come up with the best three.

Firstly we decided it had to be somewhere new.  Secondly it had to be somewhere where the football was essentially secondary, and thirdly somewhere where other people could quite easily replicate the trip.  So that excluded our EFW/TBIR Ocktoberfest as well as our regular trips down to The Dripping Pan.  So here are our three best away days from 2010.

Spakenburg – There was no doubt that this trip would be in the best three of the year.  A weekend filled with football, beer, meeting new and strange people (Jim Donkers anyone) and enough surreal moments to turn Russell Grant into slimmer of the year.  Who would have thought a small village 30 miles south eastish of Amsterdam could hold such a party, but they do and they do it twice a year.  The school disco party after the game was mad enough on its own without their being an identical rival one in the club house next door.  I cannot do this weekend justice in one paragraph so click on the link above or have a butchers at the photos here.

Malta – Malta I hear you say?  Malta?  Yep Malta.  This is one for when you have to give a little back to the lovely lady in your life.  Dirt cheap to get to thanks to the budget airlines, decent hotels at knock down prices, a bit of culture thrown in to boot and if you time it right an opportunity to top up on the tan.  And the football?  Well most teams play at the Ta’Qali, the national stadium meaning double and triple headers are common each week.  It may be a bit of a trek but once there you can enjoy entry for €8 for the day (€4 for the lovely lady in your life) and beers for jut €2 a piece. Want some more proof?  Well have a look at these.

Neath – We love Wales – Fact!   It is a cracking place, to steal a phrase from a well known Welsh based comedy show.  Sod the fact the weather is often crap, the people are top-notch (Catherine Zeta Jones and Charlotte Church anyone?) , the beer is excellent (Brains) and the scenery is marvellous.  Add in the fact it is easy to get to by plane, train, bus, boat or even pony and you have the makings of a great away day.  We could have picked Llanelli, home of our favourite Welsh Porn Star Sophie Dee (WARNING – Contains lots and lots of nudity), Swansea, Carmarthen or Port Talbot but we chose Neath.  Why?  Because it is an old fashion ground, with welcoming locals and some decent football played at The Gnoll, a proper football ground name if ever I saw one.  It also has the legendary nightclub Signals for your post match revelry. Want some more evidence to convince you to go?  Have a look at these pictures.

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