More non-league farce

Remember my note from last week about the situation certain clubs have with a build up of unplayed games? We focused on Wealdstone and the fact that they have to play 7 games in the next 14 days (including 6 at home) in their push for a play off spot.  But one league has come up with a revolutionary idea to help clubs out of such tight spots.

The Wessex League have announced that clubs, if both in agreement can settle for a 0-0 draw in outstanding games without having to play the actual game.  What a brilliant idea – no travel for the away team, no costs incurred for the home team and the fans can simply go and watch another team like Southampton or Reading.  A great way to encourage people to watch their local team.

League chairman Bob Purkiss says: “The league has more than 256 matches mainly due to the weather affected pitches.

“There are still 231 games to be played between now and the end of April. The league has already extended the Season by a week and had to take into account those pitches where clubs are planning to have work done in the closed season.”

The future of non-league football?

So why not extend it again?  We already know that the professional leagues will be playing into the middle of May, so why not the non-leagues.  “This, in the League’s view, is a common sense approach to a very difficult decision.”

Why stop here?  Why not play all games on EA Football or Pro-Evolution Soccer?  Or maybe Subbutteo? Are you Richard Scudamore in disguise? Fans don’t really want to watch football anyway….

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