Woking – the most dangerous place in England?

Trawling through website as I do I came across a very unusual statement.  In their official directions to their Kingfield Stadium, Woking FC have added the following “safety warning” in bold letters:-

Please note: We recommend that, for personal safety reasons, women and young children do not walk unaccompanied to Kingfield Stadium. It would be advisable to take a taxi from Woking Station direct to the ground, costing approximately £4.

Now bear in mind the route actually takes supporters past a Magistrates Court and the Police Station, what other dangers lurk on the route that would avoid such a warning?  Woking fans are hardly the ICF from my frequent visits to watch them, so is there some other obstacle that the police in Surrey have failed to clear up that requires such a warning?

Well, we went and asked the Woking fans the reason for such a stark warning…Apparently there have been a number of assaults in the park mentioned in the direct route to the ground.  Whilst in daylight this risk is minimalised, the club and it should actually be applauded for doing so, would be negligent if they didn’t issue such a warning for the most “at risk” groups.  How many other clubs would issue a similar warning I wonder?

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