And now, the end is near…

“Ring a ding ding ding
I’m going down
I’m coming around
All thoughts of sleep desert me
There is no time
Thirty minutes brings me round to her number nine”

The Stone Roses – Going Down

It could have so easily been My Way by Frank Sinatra, with the opening lines above but that was just too predictable.  But next weekend Durham City could become the first team in the 9 levels of the Non-league (and league come to think of it) pyramid to be relegated.  We have covered their plight in November (See Bull Durham) and how the FA effectively signed their relegation warrant back in the late summer, but the team and supporters have kept on trying their best week in week out.

The club announced today that they would not be appealing against a six point penalty given to them back in October after they fielded a suspended player under another name (out of desperation for their on field predicament I hasten to add) which means the club are now on minus 6 points.  So far this season they have lost all 26 league games to date, scoring on average one goal per game and conceding four and a half.

Thanks to the demise of Kings Lynn in December, results next week mean that if Durham City lose (and current form suggests they might) and Frickley gain a point then Durham will be relegated from the Unibond Premier League.

We salute fans for their spirit, and urge you all to follow them on Twitter, dropping them a line just to say keep on going.

Thanks to the blog The66pow for the picture.


  1. The record of Durham is nothing compared to that of Ankaraspor. Ankara Who? Ankaraspor are rooted firmly to the bottom of the Turkish Superlig. The thing is, at least Durham have scored goals this season, although admittedly not many. Ankaraspor have yet to find the net in any of their 22 games to date. They have a dismal record of played 22, lost 22, goals for 0, goals against 66. Now you can probably expect a record like Durham’s down at non-league level, but the Turkish Superlig is the equivalent to the English Premiership. I suppose at least they don’t have minus ponts, unlike Pompey.


    1. Nice try GMP to pull the wool over our eyes…Ankaraspor actually pulled out of the league earlier in season and all of their games are awarded as 3-0 defeats so technically it isnt the worst record….

      1. Ah! Drat and Double Drat. It would have made a great story. I wonder if any team in Europe has ever gone through a season without scoring in any of the top flight leagues. Or has ever gone a season without a win.

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