Some nice praise…..

Passport to footballIts nearly been a month since the launch of Passport to Football and if you haven’t got your copy yet then what are you doing on my blog!  Praise has literally been flooding into the TBIR office, so much so that Littlest Fuller has been taken out of her schooling just to answer fanmail*

Not only has the book been voted EFW’s Book of the Month, an honour last awarded to Playboy’s 50 greatest centrefolds, but they have also written a damn nice review too…

‘A funny and compulsively readable adventure through the wonderful world of football. Fuller captures the very essence of the joy of watching the beautiful game unfold in another country. I’m not a prolific reader by any means but this was a joy from start to finish. Talking about the finish, what’s not to like about an extremely useful 24 page guide to all your favourite stadiums!? I’ve no hesitation in awarding Passport to Football the coveted European Football Weekends book of the month award – 5 (five!) FIFA stars from me’

We’ve even featured on Talksport, BBC and recently on the Sports Journalists website.  They said:-

“His book is the perfect antidote to the bland and banal autobiographical offerings of the likes of Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney. Their literary works fail to scratch the veneer which the game is now wrapped in.” The full review can be read here.

We have also seen praise come through from across the pond, from a Mr L Pravda in Manhatten no less…

“I finished your book on the ride home last night.  Am genuinely sad.  I nearly wet myself at the 10 reasons to hate Paris.  Looking forward to the sequel already”

*Note to any local education officers reading, it was actually half term but lets keep it a secret between me and you.

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