Four games, three days, two countries, thirty three people, thirteen goals, forty seven beers, four sausages, sixteen Dutch meatballs, ten hours sleep, six bedbug bites, two Willem’s…..Carlsberg don’t do European Football Weekends, but if they did they would spend more on advertising that we did, but at least we got there first!  full report of the weekend’s events can be found at European Football Weekends.  For now enjoy a few pictures and the official video of the weekend.

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  1. hello guys,

    i just have seen your video bout the trip to germany and netherlands….really a great video with a nice song playing…
    cause im suporter of Münster (the ones who kicked essens a** in 90.+3. min ;-) ) its nice for me to find some pics from the stadium and the away area. Next time you should celebrate with us in our area;-)
    I hope you enjoyed it here in germany, the next time you travel around, youshould come to Münster to visit an exciting game in our old arena.

    good luck, go on EFW!

    1. Thanks for your comments and please visit us again – we cover football all over Europe and love meeting fans from all teams. Munster would be a great addition to our travels.

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