Ryan’s Story

RyanNow that the world has started to spin on its correct axis after the earth shattering launch of the TBIR/EFW Trophy last week, we are pleased to have secured an exclusive interview with our “player in the game”, Ryan Storrie. Ryan will give us periodic updates through the season on life in the non-leagues, as well as what it is like to have over 500 Facebook friends.

We will let Ryan take you through his Storrie (sorry, couldn’t resist)

So Ryan gives us the potted history of your career to date?Local football, was chosen to represent Sussex schools and then Sussex FA in county games.I also played in the Brazillian Soccer School national side (Micah Richards also played for Them). I went for a few trials here And there before ending up at Lewes, which I was chuffed with as I was born down the road in Brighton. I made my debut away at Kettering Town. Last year Dave (Wheeler) and I went On A weeks trial at Southampton which went well. we were invited back for pre-season but all of the turmoil meant we started the season back here at Lewes. Its a good club and Jason was the manager I played under for Sussex FA so when he asked I jumped at the chance. Last season went well, even when the “Bishop” started dishing out his banter from the terraces!”

And this season?Well I can only concentrate on what is going on on the pitch and my performances. We have enough in us to be in the top half of the table, and a good FA Cup run would be nice! Anthony Barness (Barny) knows this league and he gives us a pep talk before each game as to what to expect from the opposition. I am looking forward to the game on New Years Day against Dover. They are one of the favourites in the league, have a bit of cash behind them and get decent crowds. It will also be nice to play instead of watching a game on New Years Day for once! I also need to improve as a player – consistency is one of my aims. I know I can do some really good stuff, but I can also do some silly things as well. It should come with age and experience – I hope! I also need to score a few goals, if only I can give Crabby a run for the TBIR/EFW Cup! I also need to spend more time reflecting on my game, looking at how I can cement a place in the team.”

Talking of the FA cup, who would you love to play?Chelsea away! I grew up as a Chelsea fan and went to my first ever game when I was 6 (a 2-0 defeat to Leeds United I think) so it would be great to play them. After all, Havant & Waterlooville played Liverpool two years ago. I think as a team we would love to play Brighton & Hove Albion – there are a few of the lads who were released by them and would love to get some on the field revenge!”

What is your matchday routine?Depends on where we are playing. This season we will do less travelling so there wont be many overnight trips. So hopefully a lay in will be a good start, a light lunch of beans on toast, then to the ground. I like to warm up with the rest of the team, and whilst I haven’t got any superstitions I do like to put on a bit of Oasis’s cigarettes & Alcohol to get me ready. I would say that my style of play is quite old fashioned in that I am direct, tricky and energetic and if I could I would play without boots and shinpads!”

What are some of your career highpoints?Playing at St Andrews, home of Birmingham City was one of my high points, getting to the 3rd round of the Youth Cup last season with Lewes and being asked to go to Southampton rank up there. I am also very pleased to be playing alongside such players as Anthony Barness and Danny Cullip who are first class. Hopefully the best is yet to come”

Do you have time to read the newspapers or listen to the radio? “I am an Internet guru so I tend to log onto Sky Sports News a few times a day to see who is interested in buying me lol! I have followed the events at Manchester City with interest. It is not much different to the events at Chelsea when Abramovich initially took over, but it is frustrating for clubs like us when we are struggling to get a few thousand pounds through the gate when others are paying silly money for players. I also watch in disbelief at the money paid for agents for simply taking a percentage of your wages for something you could do yourself. Cristiano Ronaldo worth the money? Well at the end of the day if someone is prepared to pay that sort of cash then good luck to them. I’d be happy with John Terry on loan for awhile!”

So now onto the interesting stuff. Tell us something people wont know about you?Well, to keep it clean for the family audience it would have to be that I am known as “Arnie” by most of my friends.  I am also helping out doing some coaching with the Lewes in the Community scheme, and am starting a more formal coaching programme next month with National Coaching Academy.”

So what are you going to do with the £10,000 you stand to win for the TBIR/EFW Cup at the end of the season?A massive p*ss up, a better car, a holiday and whack the rest on a bet. I really liked Monte Carlo when I went there with the cars and yachts on show.”

Sorry, I meant £10!Oh well, I suppose I could try a night out in Lewes and have a Harveys or two – an experience I am yet to try. Ten pounds will see me right for the night as long as its after a Saturday night game!”

Many thanks Ryan and we wish you the best of luck for the season.

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