Paris Hilton’s welcome to him…….

What does a girl know about Cristiano Ronaldo anyway?  Well our resident northern lass has an opninion worth a listen….

“I was daydreaming earlier about how I could spend £80 million, and I really struggled. Not because I couldn’t think of anything to spend it on (hello shoes, clothes, car. ….goodbye student debts) but I simply could not fathom how much money it was. Surely it would last me a lifetime? It must. People win £11 million on the lottery and are giddy with the possibilities of their new affluent life.

Why am I rambling on about £80 million? Ronaldo and his transfer fee of course! I know he doesn’t get the money himself in his back pocket, but he quite clearly earns a suitable wedge of a wage.

So if I were to spend my pennies on a nice little run around a pretty new dress (yes I’m that fickle and vain) how will he be spending his smackaroonies?

Some more super tight pastel t-shirts and a whole garden of flowers to put behind his ear perhaps? Lovely.”

Get more at Jess’s blog

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