Coming soon…..The End of Season TBIR Awards

At the end of May the TBIR team will be sitting down and deciding on the winners of the coverted TBIR gongs.  This is the first year we have held the ceremony, likely to be at the Market Porter in Borough Market and excitement is at fever pitch.  The awards will be:-

Best (and Worst) Away Day in 2008/09
Morecambe, Napoli, Lewes and Stockholm could in the running for this one…

Best (and Worst) Home Support and Atmosphere in 2008/09
Some might say West Ham, some might say Alfreton Town.  Others would bet it was Grays….but for best or worst?

Best (and Worst) Away Support Atmosphere in 2008/09
AFC Wimbledon, Telford United, Wigan Athletic or Orebro….only the panel can decide!

Best (and Worst) New Stadium visited in 2008/09
We visited 50 new stadiums in 2008/09 so quite a choice on this one….

Funniest moment in 2008/09
This will be the hardest to chose….perhaps Upson’s striptease against Liverpool, or my toothache in Seville…..



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