Alfreton Town 4 AFC Telford United 3

Alfreton Town 4 AFC Telford United 3

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  1. Dear Sir
    Well done on your excellent blog on the Alfreton v Telford game.

    A couple of bits though: Alfreton is most definitely in the East Midlands – nowhere near the north.

    North Street was the name of the ground until around six years ago when the chairman (Wayne Braldey’s) company (Impact Marketing and Design Limited, based in Stapleford) sponsored the arena and the stadium was renamed The Impact Arena.

    Kev Miles, Alfreton Town FC webmanager and press officer

    1. Thanks for the information Kev….I actually live in London so I refer to anywhere north of Watford as “up north”….It is interesting to get the info on Impact – I simply could not find any information on the internet or the official site about when the deal was done and who Impact were….I will make a couple of subtle changes to the post to reflect this.

      I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon and thought your club both in terms of friendliness and footballing terms were a credit to the league.

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