The Kidderminster fans – not quite AFC numbers but still impressive for a Tuesday in Stevenage


  1. Thanks Phil…I hadn’t quite finished the post – its now done as I hadnt put the paragraph in about Harriers….I was perhaps a bit too harsh on Creichton with some of my words which I have moderated. My opinion of him was a big strong no-nonsense centre back but he didnt blow me away. Riley looked promising for a youngster though….and is the story about the bid for Bean true? Andy King (I think) was sitting behind me and said it to another scout.

    I have altered the comment on the picture but it was actually taken a kick off….

  2. Creights shouldn’t really have been playing.

    He had a suspected fractured leg on Saturday at Histon and spent four hours in a Cambridge hospital having X rays and other treatment. He must have been heavily anaethetised last night.

    Who is Bean? Do you mean Russ Penn?
    He was being watched last season by scouts from Walsall and Peterborough but nothing came of it.

    The scouts can keep their mucky paws off the Martins’ Riley and Brittain for a bit longer.

    1. Yes – should be Penn and I have just changed that…..The Creighton condition would explain alot although if he was unfit why did he keep going up for set pieces? He put so much pressure on the rest of the back four when he couldn’t get back to help. First time I have seen both teams this season and I have to saw I was impressed by them both. I think you may be saved by Burton having to win at Torquay.

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