Premature celebrations?


  1. Great read, I was unlucky enough not to be at this game but still have the ticket I bought weeks ago as a momento now. i did however with almost a thousand listne to it on line with my head in my hands for the last30 mins.
    Any way maybe doing a bit of research about Hampton’s game might have given you a better understanding of the problems on and off the pitch between the two clubs.
    You’ll probably find out if you ever coax it out of the ref why he allowed us play on when the two guys were down, was becasue he had been caught out by Hampton faking fouls in the past, they are well know for it ans that is probably why he told us to play on. You can only shout WOLF !!! so many times, this time it seems it was a real issue.
    Nevemind still a great read cheers.

    1. Thanks Paul – I was not aware of the “history” between the two sides apart from the fact AFC had (sorry have) never beaten Hampton & Richmond. I have to say that during the game both teams players seemed to go down easily and I cannot recall a game for a long time with so many stoppages for injuries. THere is no doubt AFC deserve to be playing at a higher level than this but having seen the strength of a number of Conference teams this season I would say that unless AFC invest heavily in the squad it could be a very hard season for you next year. Especially with Luton coming down and Oxford sure to invest heavily to get out of the league at last.

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