If it was in the 80s…Minute by minute by song titles


rich_swin Richard Swindells @theballisround congratulations on your nostalgic feed tonight! Some of the hits were beyond me but I could place most

theballisround Stuart Fuller  90 mins up. Hope it’s been a HOUSE OF FUN but that’s all folks for TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT. GOODNIGHT GIRLs and BOYS.

SwissRamble Swiss Rambler @theballisround Good win, but England should realise IT AIN’T WHAT YOU DO, IT’S THE WAY THAT YOU DO IT

theballisround Stuart Fuller @lizzy_ammon TRUE but SOMETIMES you just PUSH IT but I can BEAT IT ANGEL and LIVE TO TELL LITTLE LIES

paulloughlin Paul Loughlin @theballisround England look much better playing the ball on the deck and not “In the Air Tonight”

lizzy_ammon lizzy_ammon theballisround don’t TELL ME LIES

theballisround Stuart Fuller @lizzy_ammon RUMOURS ?

paulloughlin Paul Loughlin @theballisround This team can go far if they “Don’t Stop Believing”

JamieCutteridge Jamie Cutteridge @theballisround Often Ash’s problem is that he dives +his crosses are rubbish,I guess Capello told him to ‘Stand and Deliver’

theballisround Stuart Fuller @lizzy_ammon so which player has the best LEGS and who would make you say “ALL I WANT IS YOU”

LesRosbifs Gav @theballisround Joe Hart is LIViNG IN A BOX tonight.

theballisround Stuart Fuller FOREVER YOUNG I assume

theballisround Stuart Fuller I think we hope that Downings introduction will mend the BROKEN WINGS we seem to have had tonight

theballisround Stuart Fuller Good to see Bent TAKE IT ON THE RUN there but offside again

paulloughlin Paul Loughlin @theballisround Young was certainly “Hungry Like the Wolf” when he pounced on that opportunity

BTLifesapitch Life’s a Pitch @theballisround 2:1 The game has THE LOOK OF LOVEly goals ahead

SwissRamble Swiss Rambler @theballisround For Denmark, that was TOO MUCH TOO YOUNG

mistrollingin Steve@theballisround THIS CHARMING MAN Young scores, now I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY

theballisround Stuart Fuller Ball being given away too often. By whom? It’s ONLY THE YOUNG isn’t it!

theballisround Stuart Fuller LETS HEAR IT FOR THE BOY Erikson, star of the night so far

nbfcupdates nbfcupdates @theballisround Glen Johnson – UNDER PRESSURE

theballisround Stuart Fuller Why is the referee in yellow? He should be BACK IN BLACK surely?

theballisround Stuart Fuller Those aren’t MOONLIGHT SHADOWS on the pitch by the way

sammylambypie Sam Bird That one was very bad! “@theballisround: I didn’t think this would be a THRILLER but actually it isn’t BAD..”

karlmatchett Karl Matchett @theballisround YOU ARE NOT ALONE in thinking that, but if agger gets injured i will SCREAM

mistrollingin Steve We’re getting THE MEESAGE @theballisround So how are the 80s songs going down? An EMBARRASMENT or S’EXPRESSive?

theballisround Stuart Fuller I didn’t think this would be a THRILLER but actually it isn’t BAD..

theballisround Stuart Fuller So how are the 80s songs going down? An EMBARRASMENT or S’EXPRESSive?

theballisround Stuart Fuller CHRISTIAN Erikson is running ROUND AND ROUND England ALL NIGHT LONG. Class

theballisround Stuart Fuller DON’T GIVE UP cole..Erikson may be running rings around you but you were once slept with Cheryl

mistrollingin Steve @theballisround SLEDGEHAMMER from Eriksen against the post enough to TAKE MY BREATH AWAY

theballisround Stuart Fuller Very predictable set pieces from the Danes. They should try a DIFFERENT CORNER formation once in a while

tomvictor Tom Victor @theballisround anything Bent do, AGGER DO better

theballisround Stuart Fuller England put themselves UNDER PRESSURE to easily from these corners

Marco4J Marco Jackson Denmark surprise England by fielding neither Laudrup brother.

lugepravda Luge Pravda Rooney struggling for goals. You know what? We can do it WITH OR WITHOUT YOU son.

lugepravda Luge Pravda Unperturbed by a previous lack of caps Bent appears well INTO THE GROOVE tonight

theballisround Stuart Fuller BEAT DIS offside trap says Walcott as he sets up Bent’s goal on a plate

lugepravda Luge Pravda Bent to the rescue. With Roon off colour, boy do we NEED YOU TONIGHT

theballisround Stuart Fuller TIME AFTER TIME we look poor away from home but then here comes Darren Bent its 1-1 A NEW ENGLAND is born

theballisround Stuart Fuller We’re going to be LIVIN ON A PRAYER now after that Agger header.#ifitwasthe80s

lugepravda Luge Pravda Typical. @theballisround is at the game in Copenhagen. SOME GUYS HAVE ALL THE LUCK

lugepravda Luge Pravda I’ll have to stay up to date with other scores. A little Croatia v Czech Republic action, I like that LUKA Modric fellow

Gingeraction James Boyes Let’s hope Fabio did a good team TALK TALK

lugepravda Luge Pravda England vs Denmark: a BIG COUNTRY vs minnows?

lugepravda Luge Pravda @theballisround its lunchtime here but thanks for keeping me up to date over there Stu, on the NIGHTSHIFT

Gingeraction James Boyes It’s TRUE but TO CUT A LONG STORY SHORT, good COMMUNICATION could see them strike GOLD tonight

Gingeraction James Boyes England lose tonight and Fabio could be on THE ROAD TO NOWHERE

DannyLast Danny Last @theballisround Graham Taylor has just said Rommedahl should be given the RESPECT he deserves.

Gingeraction James Boyes Hopefully England have spent some time on their set pieces so we may get A DIFFERENT CORNER tonight

theballisround Stuart Fuller IT MUST BE LOVEly to lead out England like Lampard is doing

Gingeraction James Boyes England could struggle without RIO tonight.

theballisround Stuart Fuller DOWN UNDER the covered tunnel, Jack Wilshere will be bricking it

Gingeraction James Boyes @SwissRamble @DannyLast @theballisround Wish England were in red tonight. They’re my FAVOURITE SHIRTS

theballisround Stuart Fuller Nearly kick off time in Parken and WORD UPstairs in press area is that we will win

DannyLast Danny Last Bent starts for England. A BORDERLINE decision? What about Defoe? ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST?

joseph_short Joe Short @DannyLast @SwissRamble @theballisround Jack Wilshire’s first start… sorry, had to get LIKE A VIRGIN in somewhere

SwissRamble Swiss Rambler @DannyLast @theballisround Yes. I fear it will be a NEVER ENDING STORY

DannyLast Danny Last @SwissRamble @theballisround Is it TURN BACK THE CLOCK time for tonight’s friendly then?

SwissRamble Swiss Rambler @theballisround I can’t help it. It’s a REFLEX

theballisround Stuart Fuller @SwissRamble don’t peak too early…still 40 mins to kick off. just have PATIENCE

damon_th damon t @theballisround Do You Know Where You’re Going To?

SwissRamble Swiss Rambler @theballisround Blimey. Don’t be an EMBARRASSMENT

theballisround Stuart Fuller @SwissRamble but I NEED YOU TONIGHT

theballisround Stuart Fuller Entering ground at Parken…which way to press area? TOO SHY to ask for directions. WALK THIS WAY the sign said

theballisround Stuart Fuller Enroute to the game via bus. LET’S MAKE THIS A NIGHT TO REMEMBER underneath the Parken THUNDERDOME


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