Hand of God and Moldovan wine – see for yourself

We are a well traveled bunch here at TBIS towers but we also welcome contributions from other fanatics out there.  As they say with buses nothing comes along for ages and then all of a sudden two come along at once.  The first offering is from Paul Whitaker who took a new tour of the life of Diego Maradona on a recent trip to Argentina. 

He met up with a Dutch lad living over their who is in early stages of doing a guided tour of Diego’s early years.  From the villa (slum) he was raised in, beforemoving onto to visit his first club of Argentinos Juniors and ending with a tour around Boca Junior’s stadium – more details can be found here.  Paul will also soon post more details of his trip which will be included in a brand new South American section on our sister site, Budgetairlinefootball.co.uk.

And another great addition to both sites is the new Moldovan pages prepared by Oliver Leisner, author of Groundhopping Informer who is THE most authoritive source of football information from the small country.  Have a look at our new Moldovan pages here.

Groundhopping Informer 2008/2009

The address list of the world football. The addresses and contact information as well as stadium information (name and capacity) from all clubs of the 6 highest German divisions, all European national leagues as well as the most important leagues worldwide (The most countries are listed down to the 2nd or 3rd level!) can be found on 352 pages.

The new book Groundhopping Informer 2008/2009 will be available from 1st of October 2008 and can be ordered here.

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