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Euro2008, Trelleborg, Eastern Europe, Ohio and Toronto (but don’t tell CMF) and many many more pointless trips

So in the next few months the following trips are on the agenda:-


June – A trip to Euro2008 on my trusted media pass for some UEFA freebies, and I may even watch a game or two

July – A 24 hour sunshine trip to FInland to watch Tampere United, and the trip of the year to Toronto to watch West Ham play in the MLS All Stars game (but don’t tell CMF yet)

August – A trip to Trellesborg in Sweden plus the start of the English Season so expect japes galore in Aldershot, Shrewsbury and Swansea.

September – England visit Barcelona to play Andorra and I will not be there!, But a road trip is planned to Belgrade, Sarajevo and Zagreb finally to watch England take on Croatia.

October – Belarus is on the cards.  The flights and Visa are sorted so its all systems go to one of Europe’s most backward countries.  With the new season underway in Denmark its time to tick off a few more clubs including NordJaelland.

November – Berlin in the winter is a bit chilly but hopefully with England in town we can turn up the temperature.

October – A trip behind the Iron Curtain to 3rd world Minsk and a few high jinx in Belarus

November – Sausages and Beer all round and Berlin beckons for a match with Germany




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