Beer, Bratwurst and bloody penalties – part 2

So five games down and still going strong.  I waived CMF off at Karlsruhe/Baden Baden and continued my journey north, to the sinful city of Hamburg.  Hamburg is one of my favourite places in Germany, ney Europe.  At Christmas the city is transformed into a massive market with stalls selling beer, food, beer, Christmas gifts, beer and of course beer.  It is a prosperous city, with locals looking down their noses at you unless your BMW is less than a year old, or your Hugo Boss suit only has one crease in it.

I had originally tried to get to see a game in each of the twelve stadiums being used in the tournament but initially logistics deemed that I would miss out on games in Leipzig and Hamburg. Dortmund and Berlin were obviously sorted as England would reach the final right? So when I turned up in Hamburg for the game between Ukraine and Saudi Arabia I didn’t have a ticket for the game, or even a hotel room. Continue reading