The biggest game ever in women’s football

Taking a break from our Olympic Adventures, The Daggers Diary head to Wembley for the most watch Women’s football match ever – The Olympic Final.

After all of the worries about tickets, security and what-not that accompanies the build up to a major sporting event like the Olympic Games, those events that I have been fortunate enough to attend seem to have gone quite well. Of course, we’ve had the moans about tickets, but for some that were able to mobilize their efforts early, they don’t seem to have done too badly, although obviously many still missed out. And even some of those that didn’t have stuff in advance have (with a huge amount of luck and persevering with the website) managed to get lucky. It’s just a shame that too many seem to have woken up too late to the fact that the Olympics were going to be an event not to miss. Having spoken to loads of people since the start of the games on July 27th, those that haven’t been to an event have said that they had wished that they had bothered to apply for tickets. Those that have been fortunate enough to get a ticket for an event in the Olympic park have all said that the atmosphere has been wonderful, and that they wished they had done something earlier. We can only hope that the Paralympic Games benefit as they deserve to. So far, it seems that they might, with record ticket sales already reported.

For me, the Handball has been brilliant to attend, and the noise inside the copper box, especially when team GB were being battered by Sweden was great. Despite the run away score, the support never wavered, which has been a feature of wherever and whenever a GB team or athlete has taken to their particular field of play. It’s arguable that Handball has been the discovery of the Games for the British public, with reports that the British federation website crashed several times over the last week with the amount of people trying to find out where their local team is and how to go about playing the game. As a new fan myself (since last December), I hope it takes off here.

My Olympic journey finishes tonight, here at Wembley, and the women’s gold medal match between Japan and the U.S.A. It’s arguable that in the women’s game, this is second only to the World Cup, and we have a repeat of last year’s final here tonight. Last Tuesday, Dagenham Dan and I were amongst over 70,000 to watch team GB beat Brazil 1-0, and hopes were high following that of a semi final spot. Defeat at Coventry to Canada last Friday put paid to that. Continue reading