How Man v Food became Man Utd v Barcelona

Our Englishman in New York, Luge Pravda, reflects on quite a weekend, and why he loves his wife…of course it’s football related!

This past weekend was one of the most superb, thoughtful, exciting, loving weekends I have ever experienced. It involves football, although early Saturday morning this was the furthest thing from my mind. It involves food, specifically eateries featured in the US TV series Man v. Food (which is on UK TV as explained here). It involves clandestine planning and skullduggery – all good of course – on a level few are capable of (helped no less by my website host, the imperious football planner himself @theballisround). And it involves the other love of my life, Manchester United. So, I am going to write a stream of happy, smiley, giddy consciousness. If I ramble, I make no apologies. I want to document this for myself, as a record of a truly wonderful idea, a wonderful plan and wonderful weekend. If you get bored you can always flick over to Joey Barton’s twitter. But finally, to whom do I owe all this? I owe this to my amazing sneaky Utd appreciating wife. Continue reading