Smells like team spirit

I was never going to miss this game. For those without in-depth knowledge of the workings of the Fuller household will know we are sans enfants for a week each year whilst they go back to their northern roots. Current Mrs Fuller and I use the time to do all the things that couples without children do. Eat where they want and when they want, read real books, watch thought-provoking drama on TV and even get to hold hands in public. This year their departure coincided with the TBIR pre-season training camp in Düsseldorf so it wasn’t until Tuesday that CMF and I could kick back and catch up on life from the previous year.

Our guilty pleasure was a trip to Marrakech. Probably not the wisest destination in the middle of August but I had promised her some sun. What we got was 48 degrees of blistering sunshine. It’s hard to function in such heat but we were thankful for our discreet little Riad in the Medina where they asked no questions and we told no lies. It was a slice of nirvana from our hectic lifestyle back in Blighty.

Nirvana you say? Well funnily enough our strange week of exotic destinations would see us end up seeing Nirvana….Thurnby Nirvana to be precise, of the East Midlands Counties League (That should win me an award for the most tenuous link between stories). Continue reading