Two down, ten to go

So after the excitement of Lincoln Moorlands Railways FC in the extra preliminary round which was a rip roaring match we headed off to Grantham Town where a jet lagged induced snooze during their game with Dunkirk is best not mentioned.  The “third round” of the FA Cup is actually called the First Round Qualifying and features 232 teams, some of which entering the competition for the first time.

Well, 232 is actually 231 this year as due to the fall out of the Pakistani cricket team match fixing incident, Croydon Athletic’s future had been brought into question and so their tie with Kingstonians was awarded to the home team.  Obviously, we paid a great deal of attention to the draw when it was made in late August, trying to find the perfect tie.  With two little Fullers to look after as CMF was basically going out on the piss all day with her friends (I ask you – if I suggested something similar there would be a riot!) I had to balance football interest with child friendly activities. Continue reading