When Stuart met Daryl but not in a cafe….

So today is the day that two old enemies lock horns again.  Some say they have been waiting sixty years for the chance to get even after events in the 1950 World Cup in Brazil, although the most recent meetings do point to advantage England.

The beautiful game is still a big talking point in the US and there are one or two excellent websites where you can follow the ins and outs of the good.

What better way to celebrate the game this evening than a quick chat with one of the experts in the US – Daryl Grove from The Offside.

Back in 2008 when McClown had taken the English national team back 10 years through the disasterous Euro2008 qualifying tournament and we had a summer of watching Spain rule the continent I was approached by a US podcast to be “their man on the ground” in Austria and Switzerland.  In the course of the tournament I provided The Offside with  a number of updates on the games, the stadiums, the fans and of course the beer (you can hear one if you are desperate or bored here). Continue reading