Keep your Mayan on that

A few thousand years ago the Mayans predicted that the 21st December 2012 would mark the end of the world. Just like the prophesies of Nostradamus, some people genuinely took it seriously, hiding away in caves or playing REM records over and over. But for us Non league football fans there was a hint of the truth about their prediction.

The Saturday before Christmas is Man Day. It’s the perfect excuse to escape from the Christmas shopping, relative visiting or doing chores by having a couple of beers and watching some grass-roots football. After a few weeks of being on my best behaviour I had today all planned out. Family brunch then a visit to Dulwich Hamlet FC. And just in case there was a bit of rain on Dog Kennel Hill I had alternative plans all the way from B to Z. What could go wrong?

flooded-pitchThe Mayans were a canny bunch and never said how it would all end, and so when we woke to water seeping under the front door I momentarily forgave them and wished I’d completed the weekly Build Your Own Ark magazine from Marshall Cavendish they advertised last Christmas. Games started to fall by the wayside from my list. Maldon & Tiptree, Corinthian, Wealdstone and Mertsham had all gone by 10am. Folkstone and Ilford followed at 10.30 and then the big Medway derby between Lordswood and Rochester was cancelled. Yet Dulwich grimly hung on. Perhaps it was the thought of the £1.50 special club-branded Shepherd Neame beer due to be launched today that kept the referee on the right side. Continue reading