I am the Secret Footballer

I’ve been a regular reader of the Guardian’s column written by the Secret Footballer. At first I assumed it was a made up regular article, written by a member of the newspaper’s staff to attempt to put their spin on the rhyme or reason behind some of the far-fetched stories that apparently go on on a regular basis.

But this new book, expanding on the columns, leaves us in no doubt that the Secret Footballer is real. This book lifts the lid on almost every aspect of the game today, from the role of agents, to the justification of the money footballers earn today.

Quite who the identity of the Secret Footballer is has been a close guarded secret for a number of years but there are plenty of clues in this new book that if fed into a computer, would reveal one or two very likely candidates (I myself have a pretty good idea who it is based on the contents of the book). There is even a website set up specifically to the identity of the player. Continue reading