Unsung Heroes part 3 – Press Pass(age)

Every day we pick up a newspaper or scan the internet for reports of games that have just taken place.  Do you ever stop to wonder who the dedicated few are that file these reports?  At the top of the tree these journalists get paid fortunes, have huge expense accounts and can get away with writing any old crap just to fill some column inches.  But at the lower levels of football people take on the roles of press officer and programme editor for the love of the game and their club.

Let me introduce you to one such saint.  Dave Clayton is the Press Officer and Programme Editor for Tamworth FC, last season promoted to the Blue Square Premier, and recipient of the prestigous TBIR “Nicest person in football” award, joining the likes of Mick Harford, Ryan Storrie and Kenny Pavey.  We caught up with Dave recently on the ski slopes of the world famous Snow Dome which overlooks the best named ground in England – The Lamb, home to Tamworth FC. Continue reading