Some common sense please

In less than two years time the 30th Summer Olympics will officially open in East London.  Two hundred and five countries will be sending over eighteen thousand athletes to compete in thirty different sports and over three hundred events.  One of the most eagerly anticipated sports is the football, as for the first time in our living lives we will see a combined Great Britain team try to win Gold.

But unlike many other sports (Boxing being a notable other exception), the football has a number of stipulations as to which players can be picked to play.  Each team will consist of its “under 23’s” team, which is interesting as we don’t actually have one, and can be supplemented with three over aged players.  Whilst there will be a Great Britain team, to be managed by Sir Alex Ferguson so we are led to believe, quite who will be playing is unclear.  The tournament comes right in the middle of pre-season preparations, and starts (the football tournament actually commences on the 25th July) just 24 days after the final of Euro2012 in Poland and Ukraine.  Also, whilst it is a “Great Britain” team, in a letter to the IOC in May 2009 the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Football Associations said that they would not be allowing qualified players to play in the team, although they would not stop the team being called a “Great Britain” XI.  So all round happy faces. Continue reading