Can it get any easier than this?

Fancy playing in the next World Cup finals?  Then get yourself down into the Pacific and sit in a bar for a couple of years and get residency to play for the likes of New Caledonia, Vanuata or Fiji and you could be just eight games away from realising your dream.

The All Whites celebrate qualification

When Australia decided that they had had enough of playing pub players in their qualifying rounds for the World Cup and moved to the Asian Confederation, many people thought they were mad at giving up an easy route to the World Cup finals.  To add insult to injury, FIFA then decided that the winner of the Oceania group would face a play off not with the 5th placed South American team, as Australia had to endure in 2001 and 2005 but the “best 3rd place team” in the Asian Confederation.  So that essentially left the regions best place team, New Zealand with a clear route to a shoot out for the finals in South Africa. Continue reading