We all believe in Unicorns

I once played cricket at Sir Richard Branson’s house.  Honestly guv.  He has a cricket pitch on his estate in Kidlington complete with a pavilion styled like a Hawaiian beach cottage.  I even smacked the ball around a bit too, scoring 33 before I was clean bowled.  It was probably the best cricket ground I have ever been to.  That was until I pitched up at Wormsley.  Never heard of it?  Nor had I until a few weeks ago.

Wormsley is the home of the Getty family, sitting just off the M40 in Buckinghamshire.  Sir John Paul Getty was cricket mad until his death in 2003 and he built a replica of the Oval ground in his back garden for him and his chums to have a game in.  Some say it is the most beautiful cricket ground in England, others say the world.  Whatever the debate it is clear that money does buy happiness to an extent.

As we drove into the manicured grounds down a road that seemed to go on forever, past a set being build for Midsomer Murder’s and towards the real village of Dibley of course it started to rain.  We’ve gone 743 days without a drop and as soon as we arrive at the cricket it starts. Continue reading