A pilot’s licence

Through a combination of the Ryman Premier’s fixture scheduling and the famous FA Cup balls, the legend that is James Boyes was facing a football-less Saturday a few weeks ago.  He dealt with it like a true football-loving man that he is.

There was no football on….no game I could go to. But it was Non-League Day.

My team, Lewes, were due to play away against Hendon in the Ryman Prem who ground share with Wembley at Vale Farm. However Wembley were drawn against Ardley United in the FA Cup and despite looking at a Friday fixture or a Saturday double-header, the league game was moved to Sunday.

So, the choice was mine. I could take the afternoon off, spend it with the family, do some gardening or go shopping. But instead I opted for a trip east to Hastings United. Continue reading

In praise of Non League Day

This weekend sees the second Non League Day.  With Engerland playing on Friday night and no distractions of the Premier and Football League, Non League clubs up and down the country are throwing open their gates to encourage those fans who have never really experienced real football to give it a go.

The simple fact of the matter that the majority of football going fans drive past these grounds week in week out to head off to the cathedrals of Old Trafford, The Emirates and the B2Net Stadium. This weekend is all about trying to encourage those fans to experience something new. Non League Day is not meant as a charitable act – in fact many non league teams are slashing their prices to encourage more people to attend a local game. Let me repeat that.  Non League clubs are reducing their biggest revenue stream to try and encourage those fans who think nothing of paying £40 to watch Championship football. Continue reading

10 more reasons why Non League football is great

Lewes 1 Hampton & Richmond Borough 2 – The Dripping Pan – Saturday 4th September 2010 – Non League Day

Still need more convincing that Non League football is the place to be at on a Saturday afternoon?  Well here are ten more reasons based on the game today.

1. Because you can always get a parking space close to the ground irrespective of your choice of vehicle

2. Because there is always a free view somewhere

3. Because it’s never your round

4. Because you can never get enough badges

5. Because there is always room for a flag or two

6. Because you will see some quality goals

7. Because you are never too old to get a game

8. Because there are always some celeb’s there somewhere
Drop the Dead Donkey’s Neil Pearson

BBC’s MOTD commentator Jonathan Pearce

9. Because there is always time for some late drama

10. Because its where all the top bloggers hang out!
(L-R Danny Last aka European Football Weekends, Stuart Fuller aka The Ball is Round and Budget Airline Football, Big Deaksy and Cynical Dave)