How was it for you? Part 9 – Fancy Dan and the drumming gorilla

Just too much excitement in the Gresley

To close off our ten day jaunt down memory lane of the Non-League passed I needed a heavyweight, someone who could knock people out with a dramatic punch.  Instead Beat The First Man sent me something.  With no other options left, here is his take on his season in the style of Timothy Lumsden from Sorry.

“Write a report of your season” said he.

“I will” said I

I didn’t.

Then he mentioned it again two weeks later, and I couldn’t get out of it. So this is how I spent my Bank Holiday weekend. I hope you appreciate the sacrifice.

Standard season reviews are easy. “We had hopes, they were dashed. Coggins was good, Miggins was awful. Next season, with two or three new players …” But what do you write when you don’t have a team? No-one wants to sit through ream after ream of poorly-constructed match reports from the Abacus Lighting Central Midlands Football League Black Dragon Premier Division. And I don’t want to write them. Christ knows I struggle in the immediate aftermath, never mind several months later. Continue reading