The Olympics Diary – Day Three – The Fast and The Furious

Fourteen years ago to the day I stood in front of my close friends and family and agreed to wed the Current Mrs Fuller. Despite her claims yesterday that going to watch the Tennis at Wimbledon was the “best day of her life”, it was a day full of fantastic memories for me and one I look back on every 1st August with fondness. Every year we try to celebrate it in a different location. In recent years we have had the excitement of a day on Barry Island, the canals of Birmingham and even a trip to see Cardiff City v Valencia. I know how to spoil a girl.

But this year what better way to celebrate our XIV Anniversary than a trip to the Olympic Park to get our daily fill of history. The ticket gods had been kind to us and we had manage to snaffle a couple of Water Polo tickets to go with our Handball ones (many thanks to the Daggers Diary team who had procured those for us last year).

Handball – now there is a game I would love to see more of in this country. I had been lucky enough during my time spent in Copenhagen to see the game played first hand in one of the best domestic leagues in the world and had loved watching the fast flowing game. I may have been slightly swayed in my admiration for the game by the fact the two teams I watched were young, female and blonde but even so it was a great event. Hopefully the packed arena in the Olympics will kick-start an increased interest for the sport in this country.

Water Polo on the other hand I had no idea what to expect, neither did any of the Fuller girls. I must have looked convincing when I told the Littlest Fuller’s that the game was basically Handball played on inflatables in the pool. They believed me and an idea for a new Olympic sport formulated in my head. Everyone I spoke to about the game told me it was “nasty”….The girls had seen a couple of games on Monday afternoon and confirmed that the female version was in no way ladylike.

An early start saw us drop the Littlest Fullers off at their child minders before we made the very easy journey to the OIympic Park via the DLR from Woolwich Arsenal. It seems this was the route into the park that the public ignored because every time we used it it was empty. Just over thirty minutes from leaving the house we were walking through security into the Park and heading for the Copperbox. Continue reading

Montenegro – Hair Removal Cream Attacks, Tug of War Contests and Football

We haven’t been following England away for a few years for a number of reasons, but Vinny Goodfield hasn’t got bored yet and headed off to a new country last week.  I have to say that reading this I do feel very jealous to have missed this one.

Montenegro away. This was always going to be the stand out trip of the qualifying campaign. As usual cheap flights were booked yonks in advance and @justinloader and I were off to Podgorica via Vienna at 6am Wednesday morning from Heathrow. Felt sorry for the Mrs having to get up at 3.30am to drop me off, sorry!

On arrival at Podgorica we used our bartering skills on the local taxi drivers to take us to the resort where we were staying about an hour away. Budva! The Ibiza of the Balkans. At least it is before all the places close down at the end of summer. Not sure our bartering skills were up to much but the taxi driver drove us there like Ayrton Senna and on 1 or 2 occasions we nearly ended up like him.

Budva was very decent, chilled out, cheap beer and food and lots of little bars and places to eat to explore in the old town. It was actually quite quiet, as most of the other ‘Idiots Abroad’ were coming over from Dubrovnik on Thursday. Got speaking to a Partizan Belgrade fan who asked me who we support. I said oh there’s no point you won’t have heard of them so imagine my shock when he said, ‘ah Bournemouth? Continue reading