Welcome back to the dark days of football

It's all about the ball

Saturday 1st May 2010 should go down as the most memorable date in the history for Boreham Wood FC for the reason they finally won promotion to step 2 of the non-league football pyramid.  Unfortunately it wont, or at least by the vast majority of the 1,100 fans who were in the neat and tidy Meadow Park ground on Saturday.  It will be remembered for an assault on the Kingstonian captain, Francis Duku after a fan ran onto the pitch in the 50th minute (also see an excellent piece by Two Footed Tackle here)

The good old days - minge and a blow up doll

I do not know what is worse.  The fact that this individual felt he could and should take such action, or that the club have so far simply glossed over the fact.  A look on their home page simply mentions the win that elevates the club to their highest league position in their 62 year history, yet nothing about the incident, or the number of fans who continued to encroach onto the pitch before the final whistle.  It is also quite a while since  I have heard songs such as “No Surrender” sung at a domestic game in this country, quite what the group of “fans” were trying to achieve was beyond me.  One can only hope for the sake of the club that the crowd yesterday, swelled by nearly four fold, contained the elements that wont be returning next year. It was interesting to see that the club had used segregation in the ground and the police presence was high for a club of this size, as if they expected some incident. Continue reading